Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you financially fit???

One of the main reason why rich people are becoming very poor is because of poor Debt consolidation. One may earn a lot daily, but poor management leads to lose of money. This lose of money increases day by day and on one day he/she won’t be having any money to spend. For example I know many cine stars who faced this situation. One of the film stars in tamil cinema became a real beggar in a temple and he dies recently. This may be your situation tomorrow. So I urge you to consolidate your debt properly. Don’t go to any one and ask for Debt relief or Debt help. If you consolidate your debt properly, I am sure that you are having a bright future. But debt consolidation is not that easy. You will have to do many calculations in order to do debt consolidation. In order to do these calculations, you have This site is really interesting. They will ask some question in the beginning about our current debt. We should answer all questions and finally analyzing everything, it will give you a mark out of 100. The more you get, safer you are. Even I calculated the debt and found to have 95. These days I am trying my level best to get 100.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Danger for Test cricket

The hottest discussion going on these days is that whether T20 cricket will swallow all other forms of cricket in this world. The most affected game because of T20 is the test cricket. I am afraid that in just a span of 10 years, test crickets will be no more. Ricky ponting was the man who first gave out his concern about this. Really I also feel the difference. After the arrival of T20 matches, I am not interested in watching ODIs also. If this is the case for ODIs, think what will happen to test cricket. This is happening only because of the fast and interesting game of T20. Let us see whether ICC is coming forward to develop test cricket matches.

Manage your debt

No matter how ever rich a man is, it will take just a month for him to become a beggar. I have seen many rich people who faced this situation. All these incidents happen because of poor debt management. It’s not at all a matter if one earns money. But one should manage the money earned. For this reason one should do proper debt management. One of my friends, who were rich, faced lots of problems because of poor debt management. One should do proper Debt consolidation in order to manage their debts properly. But many of the rich people fail to do this. For this reason they go for Debt relief and Debt help to some third person. If they give the debt consolidation work to any third person, it will lead to more bad result if the third person is a tout. One of the best site which helps you to Consolidate debt is They will help you a lot in saving your money daily. There are many kinds of debt consolidation which they offer for you. The happiest news is that this facility is available for free. Use this facility for free and get all the advantages from them. Manage your debt and make your future bright.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am back

Hi friends, due to several reasons I gave a pause for my blogging. Now I am back to the action and started updating my blog daily. Thanks to all those who visited my blog when I was not in action. Keep visiting and keep supporting me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flirting championship

You might have heard about many championships. But have you ever heard about Ultimate Flirting Championship??? I am sure that this will be a new championship title for you. The only thing you have to do this is you have to flirt with a girl and beat Victory Hair in flirting. If you do so, you will be the new champion. All these events are taking place in Extreme Style by VO5 is very well evident in the way he designed the site. It’s really an excellent site design. You will realize if you visit the site. Visit the site, start flirting, beat victory hair and become the new ultimate flirting champion.

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History created

Indian Olympics shooter Abinav Bindra has created history by winning gold for the first time in Olympics. Being the second most populated country, it was a shame for us since we didn’t win any gold in Olympics. But Abinav has helped in creating a history by winning gold in Beijing Olympics 2008. He managed to go for a gold victory in air rifle event. I think this is a good year for India. I hope Indian athletes will bring more gold to India. If this happens, I am sure that this will be a turning point in Indian Olympics.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Memory walk

There are many diseases in this world which are very cruel. By cruel diseases, I mean those diseases for which there is no cure. Innocent people are hit by such diseases and they lose their life without any cure for the disease. Alzheimer is one such which is said to be not having any cure. But many scientists and doctors say that we can cure that disease by walking in the night and day times. Walking in fresh air may help all the patients who suffer from this disease.

Alzheimer disease generally hits the old people of age 60 to 65 years. In order to help such people who are affected with this disease, there is Alzheimer's Memory Walk. You can move in a team and move the world. This walk will help you both in a leisure walk and at the same time, it will help you to find a group of people affected with same kind of disease. So come forward and wall forward.
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Is this called democracy???

The worst face of Indian Parliament has come out on Tuesday. It’s really a shame to be an Indian for me. The MPs who are considered as a representative of people involve in cash exchange. BJPs claimed that their MPs were bribed in order to vote for UPA and they showed lots of bundles of rupee notes in parliament. They did this in order to spoil the trust vote. The only question which came to my mind immediately is that what were these MPs doing these many days??? They could have shown the money on the previous day of debate. I am not saying that what they did is wrong, but there is a way to express their complaint and the BJP MPs didn’t do it in that way. Is this called democracy???

25th anniversary

There are many movies in 1980s which are still there in my mind. Though many movies are released with modern technology and graphics, old movies have its reputation and respect always. If I start telling about the movies which I liked in the list of old movies, the list will be very big. But have you heard about the movie WarGames??? It’s one of the hardcore thriller movies I have ever seen. 25th anniversary of the movie is celebrated on July 24th. Many theatres run special shows about the movies and there will be some special interviews with the team of that movie. This is just a one night enjoyment, so please don’t miss it.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Vista vs XP

In 2002 a software was released by Microsoft which is ruling the world even after a new version has been released. But now in order to develop that newly developed software, Microsoft has come forward to stop distributing the previous version to its distributors. The old version I am talking about is Windows XP and the new version is Windows Vista. Microsoft has stopped distributing the Windows XP CDs to its distributors in order to develop Microsoft Vista. I worked in Windows Vista recently in my friend’s laptop. To be frank, I am not satisfied with Vista. The user interface is excellent. But the requirements of the Vista are very high. Normal devices are not detected by it and also its not user friendly like XP. A separate device driver has to be installed for such devices. The mostly used media player, VLC media player cannot be installed in Vista. Just think how user friendly is this software. Though Vista is released, many said they will continue using XP, I am one among those many. Windows XP rocks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The state of Indian law

Generally the rule in India is that we no one should sell any material more than what is printed as Maximum Retail Price (MRP). But in the Asia’s biggest buss stand, Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT), the shopkeepers are selling all the items two rupees more than the MRP. This not only happens in CMBT, but it happens in many places in India. But there is a small difference. When I went to Delhi, in a tourist spot a shopkeeper sold an Aquafina water bottle two rupees more than MRP. When I enquired him about this, he tried to hide it by saying its VAT. But when I asked the same in CMBT, the shop keeper very boldly told that in CMBT all the items are two rupees more than MRP. Selling an item more than its MRP is against law in India. But in one of the place which belongs to govt, the shopkeepers are selling saying the reason very boldly. This is the present state of Indian law.

Cordless vaccuum cleaners

Housekeeping work is the toughest work in this world. A house wife will surely agree my point. How a house wife maintains her house??? Many keep a servant in their home. But many want to maintain their home by themselves. Many go for machines to maintain their homes. Let us see what all the troubles in each of these categories are. First is keeping a servant. How do you think you can trust a servant??? I know an incident happened to one of my friends whose mom kept a house keeping servant in her home. One fine day her precious necklace was missing from the locker. His mom went for a police complaint. The police was investigating here and there, but the necklace was with that servant only. She stole it from the locker. Do you want this to happen in your home??? Next thing is keeping machines in the home to maintain our home. How far do you think you can use a machine??? What will you do if there is no food for such machines??? I think you got confused. What will you do if there is no current in your home which is the prime need of any machine now a days??? You can do something with the help of Accucharge, one of the best product of Dirt Devil. The specialty of Accucharge is that it is cordless. Also it can be charged and used at any time even when there is no current. The most surprising part of this is that this accucharge is approved by Energy Star .
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mommies must read this

Are you a mommy blogger??? How you mommies earn money??? One of the ways is that you can go for a part time job. But you can’t do that if your child is very small one and don’t know what they are doing. In that case how will you earn money to maintain your family??? You can do it with the help of SocialSpark, which is one of the best for mommy bloggers. You mommies can earn money just by sitting in front of your system. Isn’t it interesting??? But don’t think that I have gone mad. It is true. You can earn money by just sitting in front of the system. You will have to write about some materials or sites and make visitors to visit your page. That’s it the advertiser will pay you. As a mommy blogger I think you know these details already. This is in fact the best way for you to earn money I think. You can take care of your baby and at the same time you can earn money. Blogging is going on at its peak these days. You can earn money like a regular work you are doing. You will never get money shortage with you and you need not depend on others to give money for you. You can take care of your baby by yourself. Social spark is the site which gives respect for mommy bloggers. All mommies get down to action and start earning. You can stand on your own legs without depending others.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Yet another final defeat

As I expected, Indian cricket team went till finals of Asia Cup and came back with an empty hand. This is happening for a long time. Always Indian cricket team used to go till finals in which they will be defeated. Most surprisingly they managed to register a win in the World T20 finals against their long rivals Pakistan. Indian team was doing its job perfectly in the finals of Asia cup. The only disastrous they did is that they allowed a monster to stand on the crease for a longer period of time who went for an excellent knock of 125 runs. The monster is none other than Jayasuriya (A dangerous player). Also the spinning magic of Murali didn’t work on that day. But the new face Mendis totally collapsed the Indian batting line up by taking six wickets. I am sure that Sri Lanka will make sure to use these two players in the tour of India in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bloggers, get down to action

Once upon a time the man who works by dropping his sweat earned a lot. But these days are not like those days, a click in the system and a tap on your keyboard will make you earn a lot. Believe me guys this is true. This is the world in which we are earning by just sitting in front of our system in an air conditioned hall. I used to laugh at those people who used to tell that they earn with the help of their system connected with an internet. I used to tell them why don’t you people work and earn. But now because of SocialSpark, I also started to earn by just sitting in front of my computer. I now believe those who used to tell that we can earn with the help of our computer. SocialSpark is one of the best site for earning. They just reward us with money for our words, to be more precise they give us money for our innovative words. Advertisers who would like to advertise about their products and sites used to come to this site and search for advertisers who are ready to advertise in their blog. In fact socialspark acts like a bridge between us and the advertisers, like operating system acting like a bridge between us and the computer. But I am sure that this site will help you a lot to earn money. Students can use this to gather their pocket money. Even I gathered my pocket money like this.

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Its the final day

It’s the final day of Asia cup and I don’t know who will win the cup this time. Since the Asia cup was started, India and Sri Lanka faced each other in five Asia cup finals. Though India was successful in three of their matches, Sri Lankans managed to defeat them in last two matches. This includes last Asia cup held on 2004. India was defeated by Sri Lanka and they snatched the cup in 2004. But this time, though Indians felt that the schedules of matches were hectic, they managed to defeat Sri Lanka in the final super four match and they entered the finals. The entry of finals of India was through the defeat of Sri Lanka. So I think both the teams will be very vigorously playing today to get the Asia cup. Let me see the match and post you the result.


When I started my blog, I used to struggle a lot to get visitors to my blog. But now a days I am really jealous of present bloggers as they have many ways in which they can drive their traffic. This is true; I have seen many sites which offer us to drive traffic. But among these sites, some generate fake traffic. I without proper visitors, they just generate the traffic. This is in fact not appreciated by any of the blogging community. But you can increase your traffic by just making original visitors to visit your site. You may think how it is possible. One way is that you can make put up your links in some social communities. But there is a problem in this. Some hackers may hack into your blogger profile. Also some community owners don’t appreciate this and they will bar you from becoming a member. In order to avoid all these problems, you can come to Zookoda which is one of the best site for generating traffic in our blog in a genuine manner (note the word genuine). They do some awesome jobs for us. What you have to do is just become a member by registering and add your blog to their database. Then whenever your blog is updated, they send the information in the form of mail to its visitors. If your blog is updated every minute, they will get a mail every minute. I am sure that this is the best way to improve our traffic. You can get more genuine visitors. Try this guys.
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Petrol price hike, a big headache

The superstar of all the countries right now is petrol. I don’t know what happened in Saudi Arabia, there is a shortage of petroleum. This had a very disastrous impact in other countries. Petrol and diesel rates went to its peak. I don’t know how bad this impact in other countries is, but in my country this really made a very big impact. Petrol bunks started stocking the ordinary petrol so that they can sell it when the price still goes up. You know what happened because of this?? Petrol demand raised in all petrol bunks. One day when I went to Chennai there was lots of traffic jam near airport. I thought it may be due to some accident. But I was shocked when I came to know that it was because of a petrol bunk. Vehicles were standing in a queue for nearly half kilometer to fill their tanks. Due to this long queue, the traffic went to a dead lock nearly for half an hour. Government is taking some actions to prevent petrol stocking, but they cannot succeed. The prices of all the commodities have gone high because of this price hike. Can’t buy vegetables these days, we have to take at least hundred rupees to buy vegetables. I don’t know when we will get relief from this price hike. What about the petrol demand in your country??? Do you people face the same situation???

Sophisticated Vacuum cleaners for you

Which is the toughest job in this world??? If we ask a house wife, she will tell that housekeeping is the toughest job in this world. It’s really true, because a house wife knows the pain in doing that job. We guys go out for work and come back home comfortably. But a lady who works in our home works more than us. A statistics say that they walk nearly 5 kms a day in order to do housekeeping. How do you people clean your house??? The answer is with the help of vacuum cleaner. But there are lots of problems with vacuum cleaners as they work in supply voltage. Many house wives experienced shock as they used the vacuum cleaners in supply voltage. Also the next problem is that when there is no current supply, you cannot use it. Housekeeping on a power shut down day is not at all possible. But, here comes Dirt Devil for your rescue which provides you a sophisticated vacuum cleaner which is cordless. It can be charged in the power supply and can be used at anytime. This has got a very nice welcome from house wives. For your surprise, Energy Star has approved this vacuum cleaner as the energy saving device. This is really a nice product. Try once and you will never miss it in your lifetime.
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Victory for India

India found a nice victory with Bangladesh in Pakistan yesterday. In the beginning of the match I was confident that India will win as the Bangladeshi batting order was going down with just 20 runs per over. But I was continuously suspecting one man. It was none other than the opening batsman. He gave a good batting support for Kapali. Though Iqbal went out for just 55, Kapali didn’t like to go back to the pavilion. He was the real hero of the match yesterday. He made 15 runs in just 96 balls with an excellent strike rate. Finally Bangladesh set a challenging target of 284 for India. Two shocks were waiting for Indian fans at the beginning of the match. It was the wicket of Sehwag and Shrma. I thought India will lose the match. But determined Raina and Gambhir gave an excellent partnership to take India to victory. Gambhir took 90 of 84 balls and Raina took 116 of 107 balls. At the end Yuvraj went for some fantastic shots to bring victory for India. Raina was unbeaten till the end. Raina was the man of the match yesterday.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pinhole glasses

Many youngsters these days think that using glasses is a style. But only a specs user knows how difficult it is for one to wear an eye glass. Not only this, the power will be constantly varying and we have to change our glasses frequently. It will be really irritating and we have to spend lots of money for replacing our glasses. We have to check our eye power at least once in a year. You have to go to hospital and the nurse will come and put an irritating eye drops in your eye and you have to keep your head in tilted position for nearly an hour and then you have to go to the doctor for checking the power. After this you have to go to an optical shop and get an eyeglass which properly suits your face. It’s really hard for me to type these details. How one will feel if they have to do all these processes. But what will you say if I tell you that you need not do all these tiring procedures and you can reduce if your power by just wearing a pinhole glasses??? You may think that I have gone mad, but it’s true. You can reduce your eye power by just wearing a glass called pinhole glasses. Not only this glass reduces your power, but it also cures any kind of eye diseases you have. This glass allows only direct and coherent light rays to pass through. It does not allow indirect rays from distorting the true images formed by the direct rays entering in your eyes. This technique will help you a lot to restore your eyes back to normal state without any kind of diseases. Is it not interesting??? Just use pinhole eyeglasses and keep your eyes healthy because health is wealth.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Consoling win for Royal Challengers

In yesterday’s IPL match, Bangalore royal challengers and Hyderebad deccan chargers faced each other. It was a thrilling match in which Bangalore royal challengers managed to get a consoling win. Both the teams didn’t see much of match victories in IPL DLF cup matches. So I thought the match will be interesting and as I expected, it was interesting. Hope Bangalore team continues its victories.

Inflatable Party rentals

Do you want to arrange any carnival in your home??? If yes, the biggest headache for you will be how to conduct various events. Here after leave that tension as you have Inflatable party rentals. It’s available in three most important places in the world, they are Inflatable Party Rentals Sacramento, Inflatable Party Rentals San Diego, Inflatable Party Rentals Los Angeles. Just plan your events. They will take care of the remaining.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Online television

Now a days you dont need a television to watch tv programmes, a computer will do the job of a television. Is it unbeleivable??? But it is true. A computer with internet connection acts like tv now a days. I found this page in internet today and I think this site is enough to replace your television. This site contains all the recent movie trailers and the recent tv serial episodes. This site will be useful for those who miss tv serials due to some work. This is an award winning all in one site. Just visit this site and keep your tv aside. 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hurricane Hussey

As I expected, each and every matches of IPL is entertaining. Each and every match is a one man dominating match. Both the teams in the first two matches crossed 200 easily. Hussey emerged like a hurricane yesterday. He knocked blisterring 116 of just 54 balls which comprises of 9 sixes. I don’t know whether this is a cricket match or sixer hitting match. With the domination of Hussey, Chennai Super Kings reached 240 in 20 overs. Kings XI team managed to cross 200 runs, they didn’t manage to reach the target. In the beginning I thought Kings will win the match. But Chennai team found the break through in Yuvraj’s wicket, a dangerous opponent. Even though wickets were there for them they cant reach the target. Hussey was announced the man of the match. Hope all the IPL matches are entertaining like this.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One man assault in the inaugural IPL match

What an excellent inaugural match for IPL!!! It’s only because of the great man Brendon McCullum who scored 158 in just 73 deliveries. His 158 comprises of 13 sixes and 10 boundaries with a strike rate of 216.43. What else you need in a T20 match??? Shah Rukh Khan would not have felt the absence of the great opener Cris Gayle in this match. The match was like a one man assault. Already the inaugural IPL match was grand and McCullum’s raining sixes made the inaugural further more grand. He has now become the world’s highest scorer in T20 matches and also world’s highest number of six hitter in a T20 match. He didn’t even give a chance for the home team and brought a great victory for Kolkata Knight Riders. Shah Rukh can will be the happiest man in this world at this moment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kuruvi songs free download- 320 kbps, High quality

Starring :- Vijay, Trisha

Director :- Thambirammaya

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Thaen Thaen Thaen Unaithe


Dandana Darna Eh Kuruviyo


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Mozha Mozhannu Yemmaa


Pallanadhu Pallanadhu Yaar


Kuruvi Movie - Theme Music


Monday, April 14, 2008

Raining record breaks in a series

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creamy layer in quotas

Recently I was impressed a lot by a judgement given by Supreme Court of India. It’s nothing but the judgement about OBC quota in for higher studies. I was really impressed by the creamy layer given to the quota by excluding son/daughter of rich people and MPs. It’s really a good judgement by Supreme Court as this will give quota only for poor people. Quota based on economical status of a family is most wanted these days. I know one of my friends who is capable of giving lakhs and lakhs of money to get a medical seat. But he used quota system available in the admission and he got a seat through single window system. This seat would have been useful for a poor student. I was thinking for a long time about this and now Supreme Court has put an end to this in OBC quotas. I will be happy if the same system is introduced in all other quota systems. This will improve our economy.

Australia to play a test series in India

Gamblux for online casino

Hey are you a casino player??? Do you go to any clubs and spend money for playing casino??? Why are you people going there when you can play casinos just by sitting in front of your computer??? Online casino has become very famous these days and playing a casino online is very interesting. But there are many touts in internet to cheat you. Here is a site which is one of the most trusted site in which you can gamble online. Just visit the site and start gambling.

Gammon world

You know something??? Now a day I never go out to play backgammon. Because I have a computer with internet connection in my home. Getting confused??? This is the world of online backgammon in which we play backgammon just by sitting in front of the computer. Playing backgammon online is much more interesting than playing with friends. You can even play backgammon tournaments with the players all over the world. All these facilities are available in Gammon-world, internet’s largest interactive backgammon. Just register and enjoy.

Online backgammon

Are you a type of person who likes to play backgammon during your leisure time??? If the answer for my question is yes, then here is a good news for you. You got a chance now to play online backgammon. It’s also called as internet backgammon. You have got a chance to sit in front of the computer to pass your leisure time. gives you this opportunity. There is also a 24x7 round the clock customer service. What else you need? Just register and enjoy.

New energy supplement

Energy supplement is one of the mostly researched topic in the world of science. After some years, there will be no petrol or diesel and we are in need of a new alternate source. But there are also some other needs for this research. If we are travelling in a boat and if the boat runs out of fuel, what will you do in the middle of the sea??? For these purpose, we need energy supplement. Energy supplement is Available for purchase at . I have seen many research conferences in which this topic is being discussed in detail as energy supplement is very important and necessary in these days. NADH has introduced a new enrgy supplement which is occurring from co enzymes in our body. Interesting, is'nt it?? I found the following press release. Just take a moment to read this.

Press release:-

Prohealth's Energy NADH
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NADH is a naturally occurring coenzyme in the body, which helps turn food into fuel, producing energy molecules know as ATP. ATP is the precious fuel that powers every cell in our body, and a continual supply of this crucial element is essential to the proper function of the heart, brain, nerves and muscles. Each molecule of ProHealth's Energy NADH produces four molecules of ATP, promoting improved energy and greater vitality.

NADH also offers improved cognitive function and increased mental sharpness, and may enhance mood and emotional balance.

Get more energy the natural way, with Energy NADH, the non-stimulant energizer that's good for your whole body.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have seen many air services ads in television which claims that their air service is the cheapest air service in India. Now only I understood the technique followed by them. It seems that they cheat passengers by not including expenses like fueling and insurance in the basic fare and then combining it with taxes. If basic fare is Rs 2,000 then the fuel surcharge will be about Rs 8,000. More than 44 famous airlines received notice from federation of travel agents which includes Air India, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic. This is really a good move by federation of travel agents. The only doubt in my mind is that who is taking all the money if the taxes are not going to the government?????? Can anyone answer this question?????

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hacking at its peak

Hacking, a famous word in US. But now I think this word has become very famous in China also. It seems that Chinese hackers have broken the computers of Indian embassy in Beijing. But Ministry of External Affairs has denied this. According to the Ministry, all computers storing sensitive information in India and abroad are standalone, with only selected officers given access to them. Also it seems that no computer have any dedicated network that hackers can target. But it seems that a high-level team from the Intelligence Bureau are heading to Beijing on April 24. Hacking has gone to its peak by hacking a country’s external affair details. Hacking must be stopped or this will be used by terrorists for cyber wars.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

X-ray technician school

Do you want to work as an X-ray technician??? Then here is an opportunity for you to work as an X-ray technician. Medical career training here gives you the opportunity. They give you the sites of various X-ray technician schools available all over the world. The prescribed schools are well class and reputed institutes. There is also a toll free number 800-927-1248 for your assistance. 24 hours round the clock assistance is available for you. Just visit the site and enjoy your career as an X-ray technician.

Pharmacy technician training

After a doctor, the most respected person in a hospital is pharmacy technician. A pharmacy tech job is really a responsible job because a mistake in giving medicine will even lead to a loss of life. The pharmacy technician salary is more than enough to run a family and a pharmacy technician is one of the most wanted in a hospital these days. Here is a site to train you as a pharmacy technician. Just visit the site and get trained for a pharmacy technician in a reputed institute.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nearing yet another milestone

Yet another record break is expected from Sachin very soon. Sachin is expected to become the leading test scorer by beating the score of 11953 by Brian Lara. Sachin has scored 11782 runs in his test career. He is just short of 172 runs away from Brian Lara’s record of leading test scorer. Sachin is expected to cross this record breaking margin very soon. I expected that he will reach this milestone in this series of India vs. South Africa. But I don’t know whether he will make it in the last match of the series. I am waiting for this moment when Sachin becomes the leading test scorer. Sachin is the god of cricket. All the best for his cricket career.

Shopping cart software

Some people never go out of their home and they will be willing to stay in their home working in computer and watching tv. For these people, going for a shopping is like eating bitter guard. Also due to increase in population, providing a parking space by any shopping mall is one of the toughest jobs ever. Crowd management is also a toughest job for shopping mall owners. Here there is happy news for them. Ashop commerce has introduced shopping cart using which you can do your shopping just by sitting in front of the computer. Ashop has developed an award winning shopping cart software using which you can do your shopping just by sitting in front of your computer. A 10 days free trial is also available. Ashop supports a wide variety of payments from different accounts. Selling something is not that easy these days which you can do very easily in ashop using online shopping cart software. There is also a round the clock customer service available in ashop. Just sign up and enjoy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Unsecured personal loans

Summer has come and do you want to go out for a vacation with your family and if there is any money shortage, you can avail unsecured personal loans from You need not go to a bank with lots of documents to get the loan. You can get it just by clicking the mouse button in your computer. You can avail unsecured personal loans from $10k to $100k. Unlike its Competitors, the site has “no application fee”, “no hidden charges” and some of the lowest interest rates for unsecured loans in the country. Just click on apply now and enjoy manage your money needs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Donate your boat

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Live tv broadcasting

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sehwag joins the club of double 300

Today I felt like I was watching a one day match in Chennai. It’s only because of the master blaster Sehwag who smashed the ball to each and every side of the MAC stadium. Sehwag took the record breaking fastest 300 in the test matches. The unbeaten man smashed 309 of just 292 balls with an excellent strike rate of 105.82 which comprises of 42 boundaries and 5 sixes. He is the only man to cross 300 runs twice in the Indian team. Hope he plays well tomorrow also and bring’s pride to India by breaking Brian Lara’s record of 400 runs in test match. Waiting for a feast from Sehwag tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Worst side of BCCI

1996 cricket world cup is infact a shame for each and every Indians. It’s the world cup in which India came out of the series as a result of match fixing. I still remember the way many players got out intentionally. In addition to this now recently Dalmia was arrested in a case for mishandling 2.9 crores during the world cup. One side world cup matches were going on and the other side BCCI officials were fighting as a result of money shortage. I really don’t know whether it was Dalmia who mishandled the money, but I am sure that some money was mishandled. Why is this happening in India??? BCCI is the richest cricket council in this world. Is this for good or bad??? I also remember the way Vinod Kambli went out of the ground with tears in his eyes. He didn’t come back for any match. He is one of my favorite batsmen. Something was there behind his tears. At least in 2011, the world cup should take place without and mishandling of funds.

Silver in Monex

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is it Sachin's decision????

BCCI president Sharad Pawar disclosed today about how Mahendra Singh Dhoni was selected as captain of Indian team. It was Sachin who recommended Dhoni as the captain of India. After facing severe crisis in England, Indian skipper Dravid told Pawar that he can’t concentrate in guiding the team and he told him to search for some other captain. Pawar immediately asked Sachin to lead the Indian side. But he refused and asked Pawar to select Dhoni as Indian skipper. It seems that Sachin told Pawar that he is the best one to guide Indian team as he has a good relationship with all players of Indian team. Pawar hailed Sachin, Ganguly and Dravid for giving way for youngsters in Twenty20 matches. It seems that Sachin personally contacted Pawar and told him not to select the players of his age for Twenty20 as they are not fit for playing in such a fast game. He also recommended a young team for Twenty20. He hailed all the senior players including Anil Kumble for giving way for youngsters. The young team proved that they are the best by winning the tri series in Australia. But what I feel is batting line up should be made little bit stronger because I have seen many batting line up crash in our Indian team when they were in Australia. Any team is fine provided they win matches and series. All the best for young Indian team.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Raghuvaran passes away

Tamil cinema’s most wanted villain and most wanted father, Raghuvaran passed away today in a private hospital. This was shocking news for tamil cinema industry. It seems that he is struggling with his health recently and as a result he was hospitalized, but nobody expected that it will lead to his death. He was born on December 11, 1948. He debuted in the award winning film, Ezhavathu Manithan (1982), in which he did a role of college student. He also acted as a hero in some movies. Now recently he acted took the role of uncle, father, brother, senior official and supporting actor. He has mostly done all the roles in his tamil cinema career. His villain action was awesome in all the movies. Tamil cinema will really miss an all rounder in their field. Raghuvaran will always be remembered by his fans all over the world.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vijay and Nayan going to cheer Dhoni

IPL’s heat has kicked off; many teams are searching for their team ambassadors. It has been recently announced that Ilayathalapathy Vijay and the dream girl Nayanthara are the ambassadors of Chennai’s IPL team, Chennai Super Kings. This was officially announced in a press meet. Nayan was not present in this press meet. Vijay told that he and his family members are avid fans of cricket and he is also confident that Chennai Super Kings will be a leading IPL team with the guidance of the successful Indian skipper Dhoni. He also told that he is proud of Dhoni as Channai IPL team’s captain.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Its rain in Ajith's side

Its Ajith’s time in Tamil cinema, Ajith’s next project will be with Gautham menon and this movie is planned to be released during deepavali this year. This movie will be produced by Sivaji productions which gave a superstar’s blockbuster chandramukhi. The movie’s music will be mostly played by Gautam’s favourite Harris Jeyaraj. Ajith is currently doing a project with Rajusundaram named as Aegan. This movie is planned for release on August 15. I think Billa is the turning point for Ajith in his tamil cinema’s career. Billa brought out his new avatar of stylish Ajith. Good luck for Ajith.

Vehicle tracking system

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This software will be helpful for us to find out a route to any remote place if we feel that we are lost. It also has a 24x7 customer service for all the days in a year. GPS Insight provides a 30 day money back guarantee, and offers free trials for qualified companies. They do not bind you with long contracts, either. Their tracking devices take only minutes to install, and ship the same day your order is received. You will be tracking your fleet in days, not weeks or months. If I was in US, I would have bought this software long back.

Interesting facts about human beings

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The incredible hulk movie trailer

Fashion Schools in New York

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Friday, March 14, 2008

First Bollywood film in Blue ray technology

A movie in blue ray disc will hit the markets of India soon. Akshay Kumar, comic starrer Heyy Babyy will be the first Indian film to be made available in blue ray disc. It seems that the film's director Sajid Khan is a fan of blue ray discs it seems. Current DVD discs give a maximum of 9 GB memory whereas blue ray discs with dual layer gives a space of 50 GB. Also blue ray discs give a six time better quality of picture and sound than a DVD. But now the problem is how many people will upgrade their disc drive from DVD to Blue ray disc? You can get a good DVD player for over Rs 2000, a Blu Ray player could cost more than Rs 27000. For discs, original DVDs cost Rs 45 upwards; a Blu Ray disc can cost you around Rs 2500. Will the blue ray technology work in India???

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You make, they spread

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Letter to Ricky Ponting

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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