Sunday, June 29, 2008

Victory for India

India found a nice victory with Bangladesh in Pakistan yesterday. In the beginning of the match I was confident that India will win as the Bangladeshi batting order was going down with just 20 runs per over. But I was continuously suspecting one man. It was none other than the opening batsman. He gave a good batting support for Kapali. Though Iqbal went out for just 55, Kapali didn’t like to go back to the pavilion. He was the real hero of the match yesterday. He made 15 runs in just 96 balls with an excellent strike rate. Finally Bangladesh set a challenging target of 284 for India. Two shocks were waiting for Indian fans at the beginning of the match. It was the wicket of Sehwag and Shrma. I thought India will lose the match. But determined Raina and Gambhir gave an excellent partnership to take India to victory. Gambhir took 90 of 84 balls and Raina took 116 of 107 balls. At the end Yuvraj went for some fantastic shots to bring victory for India. Raina was unbeaten till the end. Raina was the man of the match yesterday.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pinhole glasses

Many youngsters these days think that using glasses is a style. But only a specs user knows how difficult it is for one to wear an eye glass. Not only this, the power will be constantly varying and we have to change our glasses frequently. It will be really irritating and we have to spend lots of money for replacing our glasses. We have to check our eye power at least once in a year. You have to go to hospital and the nurse will come and put an irritating eye drops in your eye and you have to keep your head in tilted position for nearly an hour and then you have to go to the doctor for checking the power. After this you have to go to an optical shop and get an eyeglass which properly suits your face. It’s really hard for me to type these details. How one will feel if they have to do all these processes. But what will you say if I tell you that you need not do all these tiring procedures and you can reduce if your power by just wearing a pinhole glasses??? You may think that I have gone mad, but it’s true. You can reduce your eye power by just wearing a glass called pinhole glasses. Not only this glass reduces your power, but it also cures any kind of eye diseases you have. This glass allows only direct and coherent light rays to pass through. It does not allow indirect rays from distorting the true images formed by the direct rays entering in your eyes. This technique will help you a lot to restore your eyes back to normal state without any kind of diseases. Is it not interesting??? Just use pinhole eyeglasses and keep your eyes healthy because health is wealth.