Monday, April 28, 2008

Online television

Now a days you dont need a television to watch tv programmes, a computer will do the job of a television. Is it unbeleivable??? But it is true. A computer with internet connection acts like tv now a days. I found this page in internet today and I think this site is enough to replace your television. This site contains all the recent movie trailers and the recent tv serial episodes. This site will be useful for those who miss tv serials due to some work. This is an award winning all in one site. Just visit this site and keep your tv aside. 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hurricane Hussey

As I expected, each and every matches of IPL is entertaining. Each and every match is a one man dominating match. Both the teams in the first two matches crossed 200 easily. Hussey emerged like a hurricane yesterday. He knocked blisterring 116 of just 54 balls which comprises of 9 sixes. I don’t know whether this is a cricket match or sixer hitting match. With the domination of Hussey, Chennai Super Kings reached 240 in 20 overs. Kings XI team managed to cross 200 runs, they didn’t manage to reach the target. In the beginning I thought Kings will win the match. But Chennai team found the break through in Yuvraj’s wicket, a dangerous opponent. Even though wickets were there for them they cant reach the target. Hussey was announced the man of the match. Hope all the IPL matches are entertaining like this.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One man assault in the inaugural IPL match

What an excellent inaugural match for IPL!!! It’s only because of the great man Brendon McCullum who scored 158 in just 73 deliveries. His 158 comprises of 13 sixes and 10 boundaries with a strike rate of 216.43. What else you need in a T20 match??? Shah Rukh Khan would not have felt the absence of the great opener Cris Gayle in this match. The match was like a one man assault. Already the inaugural IPL match was grand and McCullum’s raining sixes made the inaugural further more grand. He has now become the world’s highest scorer in T20 matches and also world’s highest number of six hitter in a T20 match. He didn’t even give a chance for the home team and brought a great victory for Kolkata Knight Riders. Shah Rukh can will be the happiest man in this world at this moment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kuruvi songs free download- 320 kbps, High quality

Starring :- Vijay, Trisha

Director :- Thambirammaya

Music director :- Vidyasagar

Thaen Thaen Thaen Unaithe


Dandana Darna Eh Kuruviyo


Yetta Paiyan Ketta Paiyan


Mozha Mozhannu Yemmaa


Pallanadhu Pallanadhu Yaar


Kuruvi Movie - Theme Music


Monday, April 14, 2008

Raining record breaks in a series

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creamy layer in quotas

Recently I was impressed a lot by a judgement given by Supreme Court of India. It’s nothing but the judgement about OBC quota in for higher studies. I was really impressed by the creamy layer given to the quota by excluding son/daughter of rich people and MPs. It’s really a good judgement by Supreme Court as this will give quota only for poor people. Quota based on economical status of a family is most wanted these days. I know one of my friends who is capable of giving lakhs and lakhs of money to get a medical seat. But he used quota system available in the admission and he got a seat through single window system. This seat would have been useful for a poor student. I was thinking for a long time about this and now Supreme Court has put an end to this in OBC quotas. I will be happy if the same system is introduced in all other quota systems. This will improve our economy.

Australia to play a test series in India

Gamblux for online casino

Hey are you a casino player??? Do you go to any clubs and spend money for playing casino??? Why are you people going there when you can play casinos just by sitting in front of your computer??? Online casino has become very famous these days and playing a casino online is very interesting. But there are many touts in internet to cheat you. Here is a site which is one of the most trusted site in which you can gamble online. Just visit the site and start gambling.

Gammon world

You know something??? Now a day I never go out to play backgammon. Because I have a computer with internet connection in my home. Getting confused??? This is the world of online backgammon in which we play backgammon just by sitting in front of the computer. Playing backgammon online is much more interesting than playing with friends. You can even play backgammon tournaments with the players all over the world. All these facilities are available in Gammon-world, internet’s largest interactive backgammon. Just register and enjoy.

Online backgammon

Are you a type of person who likes to play backgammon during your leisure time??? If the answer for my question is yes, then here is a good news for you. You got a chance now to play online backgammon. It’s also called as internet backgammon. You have got a chance to sit in front of the computer to pass your leisure time. gives you this opportunity. There is also a 24x7 round the clock customer service. What else you need? Just register and enjoy.

New energy supplement

Energy supplement is one of the mostly researched topic in the world of science. After some years, there will be no petrol or diesel and we are in need of a new alternate source. But there are also some other needs for this research. If we are travelling in a boat and if the boat runs out of fuel, what will you do in the middle of the sea??? For these purpose, we need energy supplement. Energy supplement is Available for purchase at . I have seen many research conferences in which this topic is being discussed in detail as energy supplement is very important and necessary in these days. NADH has introduced a new enrgy supplement which is occurring from co enzymes in our body. Interesting, is'nt it?? I found the following press release. Just take a moment to read this.

Press release:-

Prohealth's Energy NADH
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NADH is a naturally occurring coenzyme in the body, which helps turn food into fuel, producing energy molecules know as ATP. ATP is the precious fuel that powers every cell in our body, and a continual supply of this crucial element is essential to the proper function of the heart, brain, nerves and muscles. Each molecule of ProHealth's Energy NADH produces four molecules of ATP, promoting improved energy and greater vitality.

NADH also offers improved cognitive function and increased mental sharpness, and may enhance mood and emotional balance.

Get more energy the natural way, with Energy NADH, the non-stimulant energizer that's good for your whole body.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have seen many air services ads in television which claims that their air service is the cheapest air service in India. Now only I understood the technique followed by them. It seems that they cheat passengers by not including expenses like fueling and insurance in the basic fare and then combining it with taxes. If basic fare is Rs 2,000 then the fuel surcharge will be about Rs 8,000. More than 44 famous airlines received notice from federation of travel agents which includes Air India, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic. This is really a good move by federation of travel agents. The only doubt in my mind is that who is taking all the money if the taxes are not going to the government?????? Can anyone answer this question?????

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hacking at its peak

Hacking, a famous word in US. But now I think this word has become very famous in China also. It seems that Chinese hackers have broken the computers of Indian embassy in Beijing. But Ministry of External Affairs has denied this. According to the Ministry, all computers storing sensitive information in India and abroad are standalone, with only selected officers given access to them. Also it seems that no computer have any dedicated network that hackers can target. But it seems that a high-level team from the Intelligence Bureau are heading to Beijing on April 24. Hacking has gone to its peak by hacking a country’s external affair details. Hacking must be stopped or this will be used by terrorists for cyber wars.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

X-ray technician school

Do you want to work as an X-ray technician??? Then here is an opportunity for you to work as an X-ray technician. Medical career training here gives you the opportunity. They give you the sites of various X-ray technician schools available all over the world. The prescribed schools are well class and reputed institutes. There is also a toll free number 800-927-1248 for your assistance. 24 hours round the clock assistance is available for you. Just visit the site and enjoy your career as an X-ray technician.

Pharmacy technician training

After a doctor, the most respected person in a hospital is pharmacy technician. A pharmacy tech job is really a responsible job because a mistake in giving medicine will even lead to a loss of life. The pharmacy technician salary is more than enough to run a family and a pharmacy technician is one of the most wanted in a hospital these days. Here is a site to train you as a pharmacy technician. Just visit the site and get trained for a pharmacy technician in a reputed institute.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nearing yet another milestone

Yet another record break is expected from Sachin very soon. Sachin is expected to become the leading test scorer by beating the score of 11953 by Brian Lara. Sachin has scored 11782 runs in his test career. He is just short of 172 runs away from Brian Lara’s record of leading test scorer. Sachin is expected to cross this record breaking margin very soon. I expected that he will reach this milestone in this series of India vs. South Africa. But I don’t know whether he will make it in the last match of the series. I am waiting for this moment when Sachin becomes the leading test scorer. Sachin is the god of cricket. All the best for his cricket career.

Shopping cart software

Some people never go out of their home and they will be willing to stay in their home working in computer and watching tv. For these people, going for a shopping is like eating bitter guard. Also due to increase in population, providing a parking space by any shopping mall is one of the toughest jobs ever. Crowd management is also a toughest job for shopping mall owners. Here there is happy news for them. Ashop commerce has introduced shopping cart using which you can do your shopping just by sitting in front of the computer. Ashop has developed an award winning shopping cart software using which you can do your shopping just by sitting in front of your computer. A 10 days free trial is also available. Ashop supports a wide variety of payments from different accounts. Selling something is not that easy these days which you can do very easily in ashop using online shopping cart software. There is also a round the clock customer service available in ashop. Just sign up and enjoy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Unsecured personal loans

Summer has come and do you want to go out for a vacation with your family and if there is any money shortage, you can avail unsecured personal loans from You need not go to a bank with lots of documents to get the loan. You can get it just by clicking the mouse button in your computer. You can avail unsecured personal loans from $10k to $100k. Unlike its Competitors, the site has “no application fee”, “no hidden charges” and some of the lowest interest rates for unsecured loans in the country. Just click on apply now and enjoy manage your money needs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Donate your boat

Do you have an old boat and don't know what to do with that old boat??? Even i have one old boat. I have planned to Donate my Boat to Charity. Have you heard of money donations??? Similarly this is Boat Donations. You can Donate Boats and get its worth in the form of money. The best part of this is that they even accept boats which are not in working condition. They will repair the boats without creating any trouble for you. They accept any kind of boat donations in United States. You can also donate your boat to charity and help some poor people. Donate a boat and make others live.

Live tv broadcasting

No need for a television hereafter. You can watch all the live tv shows and recorded shows just sitting in front of the computer. Yes it’s true. Here we have, which is a master in broadcasting live tv programs online. Blogtv was started in 2006 which found an exponential growth and it has become a master in live show and live broadcasting in the internet. Happy news for you, you can also broadcast your live shows using A camera and a stage is enough, blogtv will help you to braoadcast your shows. What are you waiting for??? Just log on and enjoy….